October JDAC Journal

The JDAC Journal

October 2022 Edition

Thinking about preparing your Will?
If you’ve been thinking about getting your Will done for the first time – or reviewing your current Will – we can offer an easy way to get it done.
While most of us recognise the importance of planning for the inevitable, less than half of us actually take action to complete our Will and other important estate planning.
At JDAC, we offer the option of using our online or scanned checklist or booking an appointment to come in and discuss personally.
Each of these options is simple, quick and affordable.

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Building a house and having issues?
We have recently seen a large increase in the number of clients seeking help with their building contracts.
Whether its at the start of the building process or nearer to the end, we are seeing clients with a variety of issues that are emerging as the building industry faces a set of serious challenges.
If you need help, it is vital that you seek legal advice as soon as possible because strict timeframes apply with complex contract conditions.
It is essential that you get comprehensive legal advice before you sign a building contract so that you can understand clearly how it will operate.
If you experience a problem along the way, it is also vital that any issues are addressed immediately so that your rights are protected.
To find out more and to discuss your situation contact us now.

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Buying or selling your home?
Whether you are buying or selling, it is vital to review all of the documents you will be given before you sign.
When you are selling, your agent will ask you to sign an appointment form known as a Form 6. We can review the Form 6 quickly and address any concerns before you sign so that you know exactly how that appointment works.
For buyers and sellers, it is also a quick and easy process for us review the Contract prior to signing.
All of these reviews are included with in our conveyancing services so take advantage of our experience.
Remember, contact us to discuss and review these important documents before you sign…

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