February JDAC Journal

10 Reasons you MUST have a Will

If you don’t have a valid, up to date Will you are overlooking an important opportunity to plan for your family’s future.

These are the top 10 reasons why we think you need to make or review your Will…

  1. Beneficiaries: you need to control who gets what under your Will. If you die without a Will, the legislation in the relevant State or Territory determines who benefits from your estate.
  2. Care of infant children: to appoint guardians for your minor children you must have a Will.
  3. Executors: a Will allows you to choose who will administer your estate, including arranging your funeral.
  4. Avoid a challenge: you may be able to avoid unnecessary legal claims against your estate if you have a properly drafted Will.
  5. Death is inevitable: Too many people put off preparing their Will, until its too late.
  6. Reduce costs: the administration of your estate can be made more efficient and cost effective for your loved ones if you have a Will in place.
  7. Reduce stress: by leaving a Will, the administration of your estate should significantly reduce stress for those you leave behind.
  8. Maintain the family business: having a Will appoints people who can continue your business during the administration of your estate.
  9. Philanthropy/Charitable giving: many people like to leave a legacy or charitable gift in their Will.
  10. Buried or cremated: you can provide instructions for burial, cremation and funeral services in a Will. If you do not leave instructions, your family members will be left to make these decisions without your help.

Act now…

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